Thank you for contacting us about your wedding. This packet is intended to try to answer any questions you have about the process of booking your wedding with FitsU Cinema. Please feel free to look over the information and if you need further explanation, email us at or call us at 470.207.4353 Thank you for letting us film your wedding and share in the day’s experience.


FitsU Cinema was founded by Waliy Franklin during the Spring of 2011 in Middle, Georgia. Still in college at that time, Waliy continued to shoot and expand the business to cover the entire Middle Georgia Area. After attending college at Fort Valley State University, in Fort Valley Georgia the business began offering service to couples Statewide. Still based in central Georgia, Waliy continues to produce, shoot and edit wedding films as well as manage FitsU Business Video, a Marketing commercial film consultation company. We’re proud to use filmmaking gear from the following companies Canon, DJI, Rokinon, Zacuto, Apple, Google, Manfrotto, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure and Zoom. FitsU Cinema prides itself on being committed to it’s primary values, authenticity, artistry and adventure with our clients.

Waily was recently featured on VoyageATL. To read the article click here or on the logo to the right.


First and foremost we are artists. We want to create the best film possible but can only do so when we are given complete creative control. Trust us to interpret your story and then use our skill as artists to craft a film that we are proud of. As filmmakers we are very serious about channelling styles of minimalism, simplicity, purity and modernism into a complex and engaging film.


When representing a client or wedding couple we want to tell their true story. A lot of information can be squandered and time wasted when truth isn’t the focal point of a story. We have found that when clients and couples are open to being vulnerable their stories have so much more of an impact. We want our pieces to be time capsules that illustrate the past. I like to believe that we use our cameras to sell time travel.


We want to work with people who have a thirst for an adventurous life; those who take risks. The black sheep, the pioneers and the dreamers are the people we want to work with. We want to create an alliance with the rebellious on their quest to see the world differently, try new things and find the beauty in everyday life. Those who align with a progressive mindset will get also align with our style.