After a conversation on the phone and/or video chat meeting, if possible our studio will decide if we’d like to book you and your wedding. We take a very small amount of weddings each year and limit selection of clients to the exact type of couple that we would love to work with. We will draft a unique contract and send it for your approval and signature online. Along with the contract we attach the budget outline for the wedding and a detailed payment schedule. The entire process is reviewed and completed online.

Shooting Schedule

The next step is to plan out how we will shoot your wedding. We send a questionnaire long before your wedding to make sure we have all of the information we need. Depending on when you finalize the details of your weddings, you can send it back via email and then that should be good. We make sure that we get all the info we need so that we’re ready to start filming the moment we get to your wedding. We also understand that things can get a little crazy the week before the big day so that is why we send out the questionnaire way before. We will draft a schedule that has all of the info we need for your wedding. Review it and we’re all set!

Explanation of Package Items and Terms

Sometimes we totally nerd out and forget that most people don’t know what we’re talking about when it comes to filmmaking. Every one has their niche and ours is cinematic film production. To make things easier we try to explain processes and terms in a simplified manner to help our clients but sometimes it is still too confusing. To try to help make this communication better we’ve broken down our terms.

COVERAGE refers to the time spent by our cinematographer(s) filming your wedding. Depending on your package there might be one, two, or three cinematographers and/or editors working. Having this team allows us to cover more angles and capture more footage. It is especially helpful to have multiple people on cameras during the ceremony, first look or reception dances and speeches.

To be more specific, a CINEMATOGRAPHER as compared to a videographer is a terms to describe their attention to capturing more of a story-based film. All of our second cinematographers at FitsU Cinema Studios have been trained by Waliy Franklin on how to shoot in his style and work on a wedding team-based project. We like to think of ourselves as professional filmmakers who shoot weddings.

HIGHLIGHT FILMS are the main piece created from your wedding footage and depending on the amount of coverage recorded at your wedding and package option it can be from 6-20 minutes long. This film is the best edit that we can create and features detailed story-based video editing, audio design, color correction and industry standard file processing.

A DOCUMENTARY EDIT is a chronological account of the entire wedding day broken into chapters. This film includes all of the footage that didn’t make it into the highlight film edit. You’ll find preparation, ceremony, reception, speeches, dances, cake cutting and all other footage in this cut of your wedding. The ceremony, speeches and dances are professionally recorded with multiple audio sources so you can hear your vows, any readings, the best man/maid of honor’s speeches and the songs you and your parents dance to. We shoot with multiple cameras so that every angle and every second is covered.

The delivery of your WEDDING PACKAGE is guaranteed on the two-month anniversary of your wedding day. The final package you will receive is a bubble wrapped envelope containing all of your material. Your wedding films are contained within a custom designed flash drive or DVD with custom case design. Your videos .mov files on the drive and are playable on any computer or USB-compatible device. Your feature film is also uploaded to vimeo and youtube so you can watch online and share with your friends/family. All/Any images captured are available for purchase via our online store front gallery. Here you can select your desired image(s), image size(s), quantity (bulk packaging available), color (B&W, enhanced, reg), shipping details, etc. All images are directly to your door step.

Wedding Package Details

Our packages are created to be simple yet include everything needed for most common weddings. Customize your package with additional enhancement options below. Depending on the location of your wedding travel and accommodation costs may be added to your package. GA State sales tax is already added to all packages.

Cinema: $2000

  • 2 Cinematographer
  • Preparation Shots
  • Ceremony Shots
  • Receptions Shots
  • 5-10 min Highlight Cinematic Film
  • HD DVD w/ Custom Case
  • Love Interview
  • Online Streaming and Web Hosting: 3 mo

Fusion: $3800

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Cinematographer
  • Highlight Film up to 6 mins
  • HD Video File Delivery
  • DVD included
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • Premium 12×12 Photo Album
  • 50 Top Images on USB
  • Choice of RAW HD Film (Ceremony w/ vows or Reception w/speeches)

Photography: $2000

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 2 Photographers
  • 50 Top Images on USB
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • Premium 12×12 Album
  • Engagement Photo Session

Engagement Session

Session with video and/or photo. Price is dependent on date and length of shoot and deliverables. Ask for price.

Digital Hard Drive Delivery

An upgrade to your cinema package. Receive all of your archive files on a Western Digital hard drive that you can keep for your records. Ask for price.

Same Day Edit

Our team shoots, edits and shows a 4 minute long feature film all during the day of your wedding. Our additional assistant sets up projector, screen and speakers to premiere your film after dinner for all of your wedding package in HD. Ask for price.

True Love Story

Our Team Interviews you & your significant other to tell your special love story of where your love began, challenges overcome together, & how your journey brought to your wedding. This option may continue throughout your wedding day if selected. Ask Price.