1. Who doesn’t love a little music to move to while getting ready for your special day? Just keep in mind the louder the music is, the more potential exists to ruin our audio, specifically all the lovely dialogue exchanged during prep! If possible keep the music low or off all together.
  2. Allowing natural light to fill rooms wherever you are during your wedding day is the number one, best thing you can do to make yourself look better in your film. This means maybe letting the makeup artist know that you’d rather be by the window while getting ready or making sure that all of the blinds are open in rooms.
  3. YOU are NEVER in our way! Tell your wedding party and other guests not to worry about moving out of the way for our shots, lets us move around you . We strive for beautifully natural looking cinematography and the best way to do that is when people are moving about freely. Don’t worry, we’ve been doing this a while, we promise to capture every last detail for your final product!
  4. In films past we find some of the most unique and memorable sweet moments we’ve captured are those like first looks and gift/note exchanges before the walk down the aisle. It is your day, so you call the shots, but you might want to give one or both of these ideas a second look if you haven’t incorporated them already. It is always the little things that set your wedding apart and make it one of a kind.
  5. At FitsU Cinema we will go to any lengths to ensure the best product is being produced for you and your significant other, and sometimes that means we travel in teams! Depending on your wedding size, the package you choose to purchase and location there may be multiple cinematographers shooting your special day. Don’t worry, unless agreed upon in the contract at an earlier date, this is no extra charge to you and promises to only improve the quality of your final film.
  6. It is illegal to use copy written music without proper licensing in your edited wedding films. The other option is to buy and license songs from websites like TheMusicBed.com and SongFreedom.com. If you find any selections on the sites that you especially like, let us know and we’ll do our best to fit the music into your films.


  1. You use your ceremony as an opportunity to express your love for each other with unique custom vows.
  2. You are a couple that wants to share their wedding celebration with friends, family, and the world.
  3. You are honestly getting married because you think your future spouse is the cat’s pajama, awesome sauce and/or totally dope.
  4. You trust our team. We are professionals and only can do the work we do when you let us do what we love to do.
  5. We need people to respect us the day of the wedding. Proudly let your friends and family know that you’re going to have a team of filmmakers working to craft a beautiful film. The most help and positive surrounding your wedding, the better your wedding film is going to be.
  6. When your anniversary rolls around, your first thought is to share a few tears, laughs and memories with your better half while re-watching your wedding film. Share it with your friends and family on social media and make sure to tag us!
  7. You have been waiting for the perfect chance to show off your design skills and the day has finally come. We love when we can point a camera anywhere and make a scene look great.
  8. Your wedding is filled with natural locations, outdoor ceremonies, unique events and things that make us say, “Wow, I’ve never seen that.”
  9. We identify with progressive couples who throw away tradition in order to make their own.


Gone are the days of standard definition media and with it, DVDs. You’ll start to see them being sold less and less at stores so why should you want your wedding films to be presented and stored on this out-of-date form of media? You can do more with your flash drive files, keep them safer and enjoy better resolution high definition video. We hope that you’ll keep your flash drive and it’s case as a beloved family treasure but let us help you figure our all of the things you can do with it.


Okay, so what to do with Thumb Drive when you receive it? You can plug into your computer and drop the files into iTunes. They are set up to automatically open there. The MPEG-4 video files is meant to work with both MAC and PC. Here are the things that you can do with these drive files:

  1. Load the files onto your smart phone, iPad, wedding website or Facebook.
  2. You can copy this Thumb Drive as many times as you want for family and friends who want to see your film and have a copy.
  3. You can also copy it in multiple places to make sure that the files are safe just in case something happens to your computer.
  4. If you have a newer TV you can plug the Thumb Drive right into its USB port and watch your film on the big screen.
  5. If you decide that you want DVD’s you can burn your own and/or order as many as you’d like.
  6. Put the files in the cloud to share and keep safe and accessible.
  7. Stream your films to your TB through Apple TV ($99) on your phone, iPad or MAC computer.


We love sharing our new films with our friends just as much as you do. We will host a premiere of your highlight film on our Facebook page. Please feel free to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media platform. We also love when our couples tag our Facebook page on their film too, so help us connect with people who love watching it. Feel free to tag your family and friends in the link as well so your best man can see himself giving his hilarious toast, your maid of honor can watch her tear-jerking speech, and everyone can enjoy reliving the day.


After you’ve seen us at work and have fallen in love with your wedding films, go ahead and review us on weddingwire.com. It helps us get the word out to other couples looking to have their day captured. Not only is it good for FitsU to pay things forward, but we just love when we make our couples happy and they let us know.

We have the best couples!

Thank YOU

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. We love answering questions. We look forward to meeting with you and capturing a moment in your lives that you will cherish forever. Video is truly the best way to keepsake these memories, and we’re honored that you’re trusting us with this special task. Be happy with knowing that you will be able to share your happiest day with children, family, yourselves, and anyone not able to attend for years to come. We know you will love revisiting your wedding day.

Thank you!